Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick First Thoughts on ABT's City Center Casting

So the first half of casting for ABT's week at City Center went up today online, and here are my first impressions....

As I initially suspected and continue to believe, David Hallberg's "defection" is going to provide some good opportunities for Blaine Hoven, who is dancing the Known by Heart pas de deux with Gillian Murphy.  Physically I think they're an interesting pair.

I'm sad the Herrera/Gomes Sinatra Suite will be danced at the Thursday matinee - I would have loved to see what extra oompf an experienced ballerina like Herrera brings to that role, since usually it's given to a soloist or corps member.

The casting for the new Volpi work, Duets, In the Upper Room and Black Tuesday still reads as "Company" (as does Company B), and looking at who's NOT showing up much or at all on the schedule so far, I think it's safe to assume we might be seeing Gillian Murphy, Cory Stearns, Marcelo Gomes, Paloma Herrera, Kristi Boone, Isabella Boylston, Misty Copeland, Simone Messmer, Hee Seo and Daniil Simkin more in some of those pieces.  So, all in all, not very helpful casting posts in terms of those wanting to wait for the cast lists to buy their tickets.  

Faithful readers, is the casting posted today enough for you to make a decision? Or are you hopeful that more casting will be posted soon before buying your tickets?

I've got my 3 nights already - and luckily already one Marcelo Gomes performance among them, so I guess I'm in good shape.

Thoughts, gripes, cheers on what you're seeing so far?


  1. well, the casting for the program i'm seeing at bard is nothing but "company"! hoping for marcelo in black tuesday and herman in upper room & julie kent in anything. do you know if jared & yuriko are dancing? hoping to see a program at city center as well but not sure if i'll be able to.

  2. I have my sleuthing hat on on the J/Y front - will see what I can find out. In more good news it looks like we'll get to see more of Adrienne Schulte than initially expected - in both Black Tuesday and Duets. Yay!

    Also, it occurred to me that Marcelo is touring with Kings of Dance right now, which could mean less than usual from him at City Center, solely because he won't be around for enough rehearsals. But a healthy Herman and Sascha should more than make up for it this time around.

  3. great- let me know anything you find out about jared & yuriko :)
    i'm feeling a bit herman deprived after his injury & saw marcelo in nearly everything last season so i could probably deal with less M & more H. i think ;)

  4. Robin - based on some very preliminary sleuthing I think Herman is dancing in Black Tuesday, and Jared may be in one of the casts of Duets, possibly sharing a role that Simkin does?

    I know Adrienne Schulte and Sean Stewart are doing a pas de deux in Black Tuesday, and I think are also partnered in Duets.

    I'll keep investigating. :)

  5. oh i so hope i will get to see herman. duets is not in the program i'm seeing, unless i manage to squeeze in one at city center (hope!)
    thank you rachel & keep me posted!

  6. Well as luck would have it I ran into J and Y at the Joyce tonight, and found out Jared is also dancing Upper Room, so you have a shot. :)

  7. Any chance you will review anything from City Center this year? Upper Room? Duets? Company B?

  8. Yep - have half of my review of Wednesday written but then was at work until midnight last night so didn;t get to finish it. Hopefully today before Friday night's program. Sorry for the delay and thanks for reading/asking!