Thursday, August 1, 2013

Departures from ABT...

So ABT finally updated its website and along with a few previously-known departures there are some other faces missing today:


Irina Dvorovenko - retired in June, still gorgeous and a wonderful actress.  Here's hoping she keeps popping up on the New York stage.

Natalia Osipova - not sure what the official story is here, but I for one thank the Royal Ballet for spiriting her across the pond.  It's probably too much to hope for that she won't be guesting next season and real opportunities will finally go to Stella, Sarah and Yuriko, but I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway.  


Simone Messmer - we knew it was coming, but it doesn't make her understandable move to San Francisco any less sad for New York audiences.  I suspect she will be especially missed during the fall repertory season.


Roddy Doble - don't have any official word on this but a while back I'd heard he was off to the Boston Ballet for better growth opportunities. 

Mikhail Ilyin

Vitali Krauchenka

Renata Pavam

Anyone know anything about these departures?  Vitali in particular I thought was dancing quite well this Met season....