Friday, October 14, 2011

ABT's Nutcracker: A Small Plea

As much as I, too, usually go for performances starring the glorious Marcelo Gomes, Herman Cornejo or the other ABT principals, I'm sending out this little plea into the blogosphere:

If you're planning to see American Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker by Ratmansky this season at BAM or The Kennedy Center (and you SHOULD!), PLEASE opt for the shows starring soloists Yuriko Kajiya, Maria Riccetto or Sarah Lane.  If you haven't seen them before, each of these ladies will win your hearts with her sparkle, presence and grace. 

Let's show ABT we all love and support their home-grown talent, and the continuing influx of guest artists with slavic last names is not needed (especially to the almost complete exclusion of opportunities for the existing soloists not named Seo or Boylston).  

Cheers, and a sincere thanks to those of you who do hear my plea and go out and support these beautiful ballerinas this Winter!

(Click here for the link to the December 2011 ABT calendar with casting)

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