Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh! Where have you gone?

So, in addition to principals Jose Manuel Carreño and Michele Wiles and soloist Carlos Lopez, some other names disappeared from the ABT website today - in the corps de ballet.

Oh, where have you gone, the adorable Caroline Duprot and the powerful Meaghan Hinkis, and the glowing Mary Mills Thomas?  Isaac Stappas has  left - I'm told to go to school - and he will be missed.  (Also, Carrie Jensen seems to be missing, but I can't remember if that happened earlier or not, since I don't remember seeing her at MET season.)

I hope it's just a website glitch, but if they all really have left I'd love to hear your parting thoughts on these lovely dancers.  (Also, let me know if you notice another name no longer there that should be - I think I got them all but it's always hard to see what's missing.)

**Updated  - it looks like little Meaghan Hinkis is joining the Royal Ballet this fall.  Congratulations!

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  1. Update - I've heard that Caroline Duprot has retired, and Mary Millls Thomas and Isaac Stappas are going to school. Good luck to them all!