Friday, July 1, 2011

This just in - more injuries at ABT

David Hallberg seems to have sprained his ankle last night in Carreno's farewell to American Ballet Theatre.

But wait, because of the injury, it wasn't Carreno's farewell after all!  To the likely horror of those who paid over $1000 a seat on craigslist or stubhub to see the historic show last night, Jose Manuel is now dancing the Saturday matinee opposite Julie Kent, and Marcelo Gomes has been moved to the evening performance with Polina Semionova.  The evening crowd should be in for QUITE a treat.  Luckily thanks to the wonder of smartphones and my ballet-impulse-buying-addiction, I was able to score a ticket to the evening performance as well!  Have to bring the real camera this time for the curtain call......

Now, do I review last night before tomorrow's matinee? Or wait to compare the two....hmmmm.....

And, for those who are keeping track, that brings the ABT male soloist/principal injury/non-performance count this met season to (to my semi-reliable knowledge):

Max Beloserkovsky - injured/hasn't danced since gala
Herman Cornejo - injured/hasn't danced since gala
Ethan Stiefel - withdrew from entire season
Roberto Bolle - no injury but only danced 4 performances
Angel Corella - no injury but only danced 2 performances
David Hallberg - sprained ankle week 7
Gennadi Saveliev - injured calf muscle week 7
Sascha Radetsky  - seemed to have some kind of injury at the beginning of the season

Anyone else wondering if one of the corps guys put some kind of voodoo curse on the higher ups?  WHAT a crazy season.  If this isn't more reason to pay attention to developing Jared Matthews, Sascha Radetsky, Eric Tamm, Alex Hammoudi and others for next season then I don't know what is!


  1. Amen to that list, and add Joe Gorak and Blaine Hoven, and Luis Ribagorda.

  2. Agreed - Gorak and Ribargorda have come up a lot this season. Now if they can just get Hoven to stop flapping his wrists (he did it again all over the pas de trois this afternoon) I'd be on board there as well!

  3. I should correct the above - Bolle was injured and had been scheduled for more MET performances than he did.