Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burying the lead....again

Unsurprising in the scope of American Ballet Theatre's lackluster support of its soloists...buried at the very bottom of a short press release on Denis Matvienko's injury and guest artist replacements for Met season is the news that ABT's own wonderful Jared Matthews will finally get to dance Albrecht in New York opposite Xiomara Reyes' Giselle on Thursday, June 19th.  

Nowhere does the release mention that Jared has already performed beautifully opposite Paloma Herrera, Hee Seo and his best partner, Yuriko Kajiya, in Minneapolis, Chicago and Korea. Nowhere does it mention the mature and gorgeous Mariinsky Gala performance he just completed with Veronika Part (see Haglund's Heel for the link to the video).

Jared is a strong, thoughtful dancer and a sensitive, dedicated partner.  He should not be overlooked in ABT's roster simply because he doesn't have a twitter or youtube campaign of shameless (or frightening) self-promotion or because he brings realism rather than hammy overacting to the stage.

He's also dancing two performances in Coppelia this season, but my money is already bet on his Albrecht.  If he lifts Reyes like I saw him lift Kajiya in Act II in Chicago in 2012, it will take your breath away. (I hadn't seen lifts like that since Ferri/Bolle in the Manon pdd during Ferri's final ABT season.) Go see him!!  Show ABT your support of the home team.

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