Tuesday, April 9, 2013

And the open spots go to....Denis Matvienko

When Haglund reported last week that David Hallberg had been pulled from a few spots opposite Gillian Murphy in Don Quixote and Le Corsaire at ABT's met season, I had a strong feeling that McKenzie was making room for last year's guest partner for Murphy - Denis Matvienko.  And when news broke this morning that  he got "fired in Kiev", I was sure.  And yes, he's now in fact showing up in the ABT calendar in all three spots, with the open DonQ with Semionova going to the odder choice of Cory Stearns.  Oh well, I guess home-town soloist Sascha Radetsky was too much to hope for.  At least I liked Matvienko with Murphy last year - here's hoping he brings a little more oomph to New York this time around.

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  1. As an update, as Haglund pointed out to me, this also means Veronika Part is now dancing DonQ with James Whiteside, since Cory Stearns got moved to Semionova. That seems like a strange pairing to me...but who knows.