Friday, February 3, 2012

More ABT Soloists Shining....but why always outside NYC!!

2012 could finally (hopefully!) be the breakout year for ABT's Jared Matthews. First we have his upcoming debut as Albrecht in Chicago to look forward to, as well as his Lensky in the opening night of Onegin at the MET in June, and now he's gotten a(nother) nice mention in the press - this time from in the Washington Post for his performance in "Black Tuesday" at the Kennedy Center. 

"[Black Tuesday's] crowning moment, however, is a male solo performed to the song 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?’ that ranks among the most piercing and poetic in the canon. Here is the trademark Taylor hero: the overlooked everyman, in this case a World War I veteran, whose musical weariness and unforced grace deliver a moral blow to an inattentive society. It was danced with beautiful simplicity Tuesday by Jared Matthews, a talent to watch."

The real question is why Daniil Simkin (instead of Matthews) shared this role with the fantastic Herman Cornejo back at NY City Center this fall. I can think of no one with acting abilities better suited in ABT's current ranks than Matthews to fill the role originated by the passionate Ethan Stiefel back in 2001. Can you?

Well done Jared!

And....on another note - reports broke today that Sarah Lane will finally be dancing Odette/Odile. In Spain, with Corella Ballet. (and maybe if we're really lucky, in Detroit later this spring?) Thank you, Angel!

If ABT doesn't put these wonderful soloists on stage in full length roles in New York City during Met Season 2013 (and not just one matinee a season) - McKenzie will have finally and utterly broken my heart. And the hearts of many others I know.

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